I like to laugh. I love to laugh. I like to think I’ve perfected the cry-laugh and thoroughly enjoy doing so with others. And for clarification, “cry-laugh” is laughing so hard that you are crying, not crying so hard you begin to laugh. That’s some crazy stuff and if you’ve perfected that version, you might need to talk to someone. Just sayin. Anyway, if I’ve ever shared a cry-laugh with you, you will forever be my friend. I laugh mostly at myself. A. Lot. It’s a combination of thinking I’m hilarious (in my own little world) and doing completely moronic things. Sometimes they mesh. Sometimes they make others laugh, but mostly I crack me up. Eh, it’s cool.

My kids also crack me up. I know we all think our kids are adorable and cute but mine are flat out funny, even when they are far from cute. My youngest daughter reminds me of Peter Boyle. And she is the funniest little human I’ve ever met. My older daughter was blessed with my uncanny knack for sarcasm paired with killer evil looks, making deliveries hilarious to those that speak our language…not so much to those who skipped sarcasm 101.

I’ve been posting random quotes and daily anecdotes for years on Facebook because I am one of “those” people who just has to overshare. Since I’ve had more people claim to love my posts than not, it’s time to make it my “job” to laugh.

While I laugh hysterically at our family’s daily events, I laugh even harder when I know others are belly laughing with me. Even when it’s at my expense. I invite you to read my random posts and comment regularly so that I can laugh at you laughing at me.

After all, laughing should occur regularly because life is mostly funny.

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