9 Lives

Riley came screaming/whining from the kitchen after I heard what seemed to be Don scolding her. After multiple, “Take deep breaths and calm down to tell me what’s wrong” prompts, I finally understood, “Because I put the ball in my moooouuuuuttttthhhhhh….”

Homegirl has a bad habit of putting everything in her mouth as if she is eternally teething. She gets scolded regularly for her attempts at choking.

Once calmed down, I re-explain, we can’t put tiny bouncy balls in our mouths because they will make us choke and die.

“But I DIDN’T die right now!!!!!!”

Well, then. Have at it. #umnegative

No markers in this house. No small bouncy balls in this house. Pretty sure I have valid reasons for such rules.

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