Think Inside the Box

I don’t know why any of us ever bother to buy our children toys. Between happy meal toys and boxes, and anything outdoors, we could seriously save some money and declutter our homes if we wised up a bit.

InsidetheBox (2)

This box would normally give me agita sitting in my house┬ábut not only is it providing hours of entertainment, it’s almost as awesome as baby jail a playpen because she isn’t terrorizing the house while she’s in it! Whoot whoot!


I seriously keep forgetting where the heck she is since she adopted this as her new home. She doesn’t make a peep! And this gal is a LOUD kid. #noinsidevoiceavailable

InsidetheBox (1)

She’s having a blast and I’m in love with the old school vibe #nevermindtheipad but don’t be surprised if I ship her off to you the next time she has a tantrum over the fact that we ran out of pudding. I’ve got the packing tape at the ready…Just kidding. I’m too lazy to refill the dispenser.

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