I’m just a baby.

My girls love to sing. The older one has the talent of a gnat and sounds as close to nails on a blackboard as her mama. #truestory

The younger one might have a little more talent, but that remains to be seen.

Both are funny and love to work it for a laugh. The older one recently did her own selfie version of “Funk You Up” and it makes me laugh like a little girl. The faces she makes. OMG. (When she gives me permission, I will post the video but I’m still sworn to privacy at this point.) The younger one freaks me out daily with her renditions of top 40 songs…b/c we rarely listen to the radio, so I have no clue how she gains and retains the lyrics.

Anyway, “Funk You Up” came on in the car today and the older ones starts doing her funny thang. I chime in, head bobbin’, face makin’ and all… and shout to the 3 year old to join in.

No joke. This was her response:

“I cannot sing that song. I am not a lady, I am a little girl and I speak Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.”

Too young to rock it out but homegirl uses the word speak?!?!


Put. In. Place.

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