Hoes threw me down

Well then. Avery and her friend are having a sleepover, and Riley and I are hanging with them in the living room while they dance to songs on You Tube.

I, yes I, have the good sense to say, “Let’s do the old school Hannah Montana Hoedown Throw Down!”

Yeah, Type in HO on Youtube and see what pops up before you can undo that damage.

I just spent the past 3 minutes screaming like a drill sergeant for ALL  kids to turn away and face the window  NOW NOW NOOOOOW!!!!

I freaking hate technology.

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2 thoughts on “Hoes threw me down

  1. I remember Avery doing that dance over and over again one night that I was over there years ago. In fact, I think you were doing it with her 😉 Probably a little too early to teach the girls that Hannah Montana is now actually a ho!

  2. LOL! That dance was hard as heck for me to learn but after taking 12 years to finally learn the electric slide, I was determined to do it!

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