A Confused Chef?

{Riley was cooking up her usual hamburgers with whip cream and wasabi in her play kitchen.}

Riley: Daddy, what would you like for me to make you? Did you want the cherries and the chicken?

Daddy: Oh, yes! That sounds great!

Me: Mommy still needs to find that darn recipe before the cherries go bad!

Riley: Well, how about I make you some chicken with a nice, white garlic sauce?

Um…okay? This kid won’t eat meat or vegetables and would live off white bread and candy, yet whipping up a nice, white garlic sauce is her go to dish? Impressive.

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2 thoughts on “A Confused Chef?

  1. That kid is something else. Not only is she naturally funny but her delivery is right on spot which makes her even funnier! She always brightens up my day!

  2. Her facial expressions are exponentially getting more impressive when paired with her deliveries. Stay tuned…

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